Why we have love and hate relationship with Monday

Monday; the first day of the week has different relationships with different people. Some feel awesome that it is Monday. However, most people feel Monday is a fun killer and wish that the sun goes on a long vacation before it rises on a Monday morning. Here are a few things why we have love and hate relationship with Mondays:

  • The go-getter

Many of us have the habit of committing our assignments on Mondays. For those who are a little sincere in life and do what the committed Monday is the day of Praise and accomplishment.



  • The forgetful

For the lazy lads out there, Monday is an oh my god!!! Day. As usual, they forgot the commitment. Hate-Hate-Hate.



  • The party monsters

Monday puts a stop to the weekend. For those who celebrate TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) Monday is not less than a bitter pill.



  • The indoor creature

The loners who do not have a company throughout the weekend; Monday is the escape plan. As soon as Monday comes they get the break from the everlasting boredom. Love isn’t it.



  • The opportunist

 For the opportunists, Monday brings new hope and opportunities in life. They make new success plans and start assigning something for every day.



  • The not so positive

While for the others, who are not much positive it is just another day that compels them to face the hardship of the week. After a long tiring though fun filled weekend they call it the cursed Monday.




So when Monday come next time have a happy approach and welcome it wholeheartedly.

Happy Mondays!!!

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