Wait For The New iPhone 7 Is Over Now

It seems like the iPhone lovers are getting their Christmas gift in September this year. With an invitation sent by the Apple Inc. for an event on September 7th; the waves of new iPhone 7 launch date being the same are flaring high. The event is supposed to be the launch ceremony of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and most likely iPhone 7 Pro.



The invitation is as unique as the iPhone itself. It has a “bokeh” design, which is shaped using a wide lens orifice on a large sensor camera. This is considered to be the new age photography style, which was earlier not a possibility with the previous smartphones. This hints that iPhone7 is going to have amazing photographic effects.



iPhone 7 has already secured a place in every customer’s budget and why not, it has some extraordinary feature that makes it a must grab. There are lots of expectations regarding the features already. The tech gurus are expecting iPhone 7 features to include improved water resistance, dual lens camera, upgraded processor, Flush, pressure sensitive home button. Sadly it is reported to come without a headphone jack, this time, better luck next time music lovers.


The added darker “space Black” color option makes the Apple iPhone more desirable. So whether or not the Apple iPhone 7 is releasing on 7th of September, to know, you have to wait till then. You never know Tim Cook, CEO Apple Inc. may have more surprises in store.

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