US TV Show Contestants Dancing To Bajirao Mastani’s ‘Malhari’ Will Blow Your Mind

Music is the global language that we speak. It knows no boundaries and does not be partial to the people of any origin. If we talk about the Bollywood music, certainly it is popular for the spark and its peppy numbers. The Bollywood music has very rapidly become the favorite of all. Seeing the Western countrymen dance on our Desi tune makes us super excited. Something like this appeared on the stage of a U.S. TV show when two contestants came up with a performance on the peppy desi tunes.



The famous show “So you think you can dance: The Next Generation” witnessed something similar recently. There are many performers taking part in this show and one of them choose the Bollywood tunes to show their talent.

The song they choose to woo the world was the “Malhari” from the famous Bollywood movie “Bajirao Mastaani”. It was choreographed by celebrity choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan and was presented by the contestant JT Church. E is one of the top four contestants of the show.  The dance was so good that it left the audience, and the judges enthralled.

The song is based on a warrior spirit, and the dancers justified it to the core. This was when they were partially aware of what the lyrics. Imagine what wonders they would have done if they knew the entire song.

The choreographer posted a picture of the dance on Instagram, stating that the entire act was prepared in less than four hours. Isn’t it great!! The entire set of the show was stunned to see the amazing act the contestants performed and were listened shouting the cheering accolades for the duo.

After the performance one of the members of the jury even quoted that Bollywood isn’t easy to perform, What a great moment of pride.

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