The perfect balance of Memories: Your first baby

Having a baby is a divine experience. It not only makes a woman complete but also fill the home with new dreams of tomorrow. However, in between all the celebration, there are a few moments that make it a troublesome job for new parents. Here are a few moments that give you sweet & salty memories for the entire life:

Sleepless nights:

  • Sweet:  Seeing your baby sleep so calmly and comfortably make you feel awe.
  •  Salty:     But trust me the nights after your first baby are tiring and sleepless.


Poop Time:

  • Sweet: It’s really tough to find it sweet but this is the time your baby becomes really active. So enjoy the show.
  • Salty: The poop check after every hour is a very shitty job. You may wonder how kids can pee & poop so quickly.


Feeding the baby:

  • Sweet: They say that this time makes the bond between the mother and the child very stronger.
  • Salty:  For a new mother feeding the child perfectly is none other than some rocket science.


The bathing:

  • Sweet: Babies tend to expand when exposed to the water. When you give them a bath they may open up those tiny hands and feet and give you a beautiful smile.

  • Salty: Babies are very fragile initially you must think how to handle them and give them a bath.



The gifts:

  • Sweet: To see people show their affection and gifting a token of love to your child gives you immense pleasure.
  • Salty: When you open up the wrapping all you find is similar clothes, a baby care kit and some feeding bottle.



The love life:

  • Sweet: The arrival of a baby brings you and your partner closer. The love buds between you tend to blossom.
  • Salty: However, there will be no intimacy for a while with the baby giving no time to spare.


The perfect mix of these moments makes your baby arrival a perfect lifetime experience. So if you are on the journey of expectations just keep on expecting.

Happy Parenting!!!

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