The Healthy Jeans Of Yoga Guru- Jeans From Patanjali

Patanjali is one of the famous brands today and it is basically known for its natural products. The latest news among all is Swadesi jeans that would be on the floor by next year. The main goal behind such new inventions is to expand business and reduce craze of international brands in India.



It will not only help to make Indian market strong but at the same time will help to increase economy of our country. Today youth is crazy for jeans and it is one reason that international companies are getting good growth in India. According to Baba Ramdev, these foreign countries is destroying the economy of India and to fight against it these new inventionsĀ is on the floor.



It is big news as Patanjali was popular for cosmetics, medicines, and food items but now as demands of foreign brands is increasing. Patanjali is introducing itself in the garment sector. It is not only trying their luck here but also wishing to introduce many other products like toilet cleaners and even edible oils that are used in every household.


Patanjali is not only working to set them in India but even trying hard to set the unit in foreign countries. To make it possible companies are set in Nepal and Bangladesh and even trying to set factories in African countries. These have proved that this brand is going to advertise them on the global market and make sure quality products are offered to customers. Ramdev has made clear that product that would be obtained from foreign countries from their factories would not be brought back to India and it will not harm the economy of other countries.

Patanjali is trying hard to set new factories even in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is trying to set units in poor countries that would indirectly help to make the economy strong of that particular country.

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