The Cheat Codes For The Summers

The summers are here jam packed with its burning rage. Bright colours, umbrellas, arm length gloves, eye glares are to be seen everywhere. The roads are empty in the noon and the parks mare full in the evenings. This is the typical scenery of summers. Not only this, the summers brings along tiredness, fatigue, sunburn and yes off course diseases. Do not worry as we have a few cheat codes to beat this horrible summer. Here they are:


  • Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water and become a heat resistant person. Drinking water helps you prevent de-hydration. A little secret – it gives you glowing skin as well.



  • Cucumber and Water melon– for water content:

The green gourd helps to fill your nutrition needs and you do not count on the calories. Thanks to the water content.The king of summer’s water melon is the best fruit for you in summers. It cools you off and is tasty indeed.They are best armour to combats summer


  • A trip to the mountains:

Summer is the time of getaways. Plan a long weekend trip to the hills and leave back the darned summer.


  • Sunscreen:

The sun takes out its rage on your soft skin in the summers. Use a high SPF sunscreen to prevent sunburns.



  • A little scarf:

Scarf is your best friends in the summers. It not only adds style nut also provide you a shield from the sunlight.


  • Ice-cream:

The sinful delight “ice-cream” is a favourite of all. The flavours available are the cherry on the cake.


  • A Hat/ Cap:

 This add-on accessory gives you a cool look and protection from the sun-rays. It makes your trip to the outdoors very comfortable.


  • The eye glares:

Don’t they make you look hot and stylish? Indeed they do.



With all these cheat codes we are sure you are all ready to rock the summers. Happy summer!!!


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