Must Romantic Books for Your Bucket List

Love is a feeling that rings all the strings of your heart. No matter whether you are searching for your soul mate or are blissfully in love, a classic love story is something that makes you go ooh la la. The romance novels are a complete package. They are fun, love, smiles, tears and hell as sexy. But it is really tough to find that best novel which may deliver you the perfect stir of all the feelings. With almost the same cover and to drool over titles these books appear to be same. If you want to dive into the genre of romantic novels here are the top 10 romantic books every lover should read:

Romeo & Juliet:

Who have not heard about the romantic classic the “Romeo & Juliet”? A beautiful story with a tragic end this novel is one celebrated creation of William Shakespeare.

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Romeo and Juliet




A masterpiece of writing the story of Casablanca that has the background set during the World War II. The writers Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, have written this oh so touching love story that leaves you all dreaming about true love.

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The Viscount Who Loved Me:

A beautiful story in a historical setting The Viscount Who Loved Me is a deep story under a small sparkle. The beautiful work of Julia Quinn is one must have book for a lover reader.

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The Viscount Who Loved Me


Fifty Shades of Grey:

The book needs no introduction, it is the most sensuous and erotic romance novel written by E.L. James. The book was the bestseller in the year 2015.

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Fifty Shades of Grey



A book that portrays the unconditional love of Noah & Allie will make you hold your partner tight for a little longer. Nicholas spark has made the most beautiful display of love and care.

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The Notebook


The Secret History Of Pink Carnation:

A story within a story the book revolves around a student, Eloise Kelly who steps up into a romantic story. This novel will make you feel in love and make you laugh like hell.

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The Secret History Of Pink Carnation




Pride and Prejudice:

Fitzwilliam Darcy, the catch for all the town girls but the Neighbor Elizabeth Bennet finds him to be egoistic male chauvinist. What happens next is an awesome story.

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Pride and Prejudice


Bet Me:

A book that describes the love angle of an overweighed heroine and a handsome hunk is what Bet Me is all about. One of its kinds of story Bet Me is an exceptional work of Jennifer Crusie.

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Bet Me


Gone with the Wind

The book that won the Pulitzer Prize and had one blockbuster movie based on its story, Gone with the wind is a story set on the Love and War background. It is a celebrated creation of Margaret Mitchell.

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Gone with the Wind

Love story :

A 1970 romance novel was the bestseller of this year. It was one novel that was actually converted from a film story. Erich Segal will make you feel the depth of the love of Oliver Barrett IV & Jennifer Cavilleri.

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Love Story


This list will definitely compel you to read some more exemplary work of the romantic novelists. Till then, Happy Reading!!


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