If You Are Doing These Things There Are Chances You May Loose Your Job.

You must be a great employee until you indulge yourself in any activity that proves you to be harmful to the organization. However, you will never get to know that you are indulging yourself in any such activity till the time you get a pink slip from your employer. Worried about your job?? Then you must check out the list of activities we have jotted down for you that might cause you a fired notice:

1.Not mingling with your team

An eight-hour shift that extends to 9 or at time 12 is what your office in your life. When you spend so much time in the office it is obvious that you need to have people around who understand you well and you feel alike with them. If you do not have good relations with your co-workers than there are high chances you won’t survive long.

2.Not taking initiatives

If you are a dull bean bag at your workplace and do not come up with new ideas or volunteer for the new project, you are probably digging your own grave. If you come up with hot blood and ask for more work there are high chances you will be the favorite.



3.Using the internet for searching another job



If you use your company’s internet for searching a new job, then you are surely in danger. The company keeps an eye on your internet usage and once they get to know you are searching for another opportunity why would they keep you.

4.Coming late and leaving early

If you are a lazy lad and often have a late punch of attendance you are doing a great bad for yourself. Also leaving early is what pinches the employer most. A few more minutes in the office may make you the employers pet.

5.Dating your Boss’s daughter



This is a dare very few of you would try, abut trust us if you do, there is no coming back.

Avoid these things and you will have a safe job and a safer learning….

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