How parents should handle a bad report card

When your child brings home that report card showing grades that are less than average, sometimes it is difficult to understand what to do. No matter the reason that your child is dealing with bad grades, here are some tips for parents that will help you work with your child to improve their grades.

Encourage your child to be positive

Praise your child whenever he does something well. Children who are afraid of failing are more likely to make mistakes. If they will feel good about themselves, they will do their best.



Make a comfortable place for studying at home

Make a separate room in your house where your child can ruminate on his studies apart from the clamor of television or any other disturbance. This will help your child to improve his concentration power.





Discuss with his teacher

If you think that your child is having some problems in particular areas, discuss it with his class teacher to work on those areas. Parents and teachers should work together to improve his understandings.




A well- balanced diet

A healthy body leads to a healthy and active mind. Make sure your child is eating properly and having a well balanced diet.



Crown positive performance

A good rewards system can motivate your child to do better. When your child performs well in school, make sure that you reward them.



Figure out their mode of learning

All kids don’t learn in same way. Some kids learn by listening, some by watching, while others learn in hands on manner. So, figure out their learning style to help them improve their grades.



Impart them organizational skills

Simple time management and organizational skills can really make a huge difference in your kid’s school work.




Pursue these simple yet helpful tips to make your child improve his grades.

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