Do you know the secret behind Lord Krishna’s 16008 Wives?

We always read that Lord Krishna had 16108 or 16000 wives. But many of us are not aware of the story behind it. While reading stories about Lord Krishna, we always refer him as Natkhat Nand Gopal. He was very naughty since his childhood. Today, whenever we talk about his large number of wives, we always refer to his RasLeela and think that because of his Rasleela he had so many wives. But in reality, he had 8 principle wives known as Ashta-Bharyas.

Lord Krishna with his wives

Let us know the truth here.

In that time, present-day Iraq was ruled by a powerful devil called Narkasur. He defeated many kingdoms and captured the ladies from the defeated nations and married them. He made everyone’s life miserable. He had a son named Bagdaata, and the city got the name Bagdag from his name.


Lord Krishna killed Narkasur and saved Iraq from all these sufferings. After Narkasur was dead, all his 16000 wives became the widow. In ancient times a widow is not accepted by anyone. So these women decided to do a mass suicide because they don’t have any place to go now and society is not accepting them.



Lord Krishna decided to give all of them his name and authority to call themselves as Krishna’s wives. As Lord Krishna was respected by everyone in society, so these all ladies got a dignified place in the society.


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