Court dismisses fake degree case against Irani; social media gives mixed reactions

In April 2015, Smt. Smriti Irani, the current Union Textile Minister in the Govt. of India, faced allegations of providing false information about her academic qualifications to election commission (EC). On 26th May 2014, Smt. Irani was appointed as Minister of Human Resource Development by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his cabinet. However, her appointment was questioned and criticized by many.

Image source: Janta Ka Reporter

A freelance writer, Ahmer Khan had alleged that Irani had deliberately provided discrepant information in the affidavits filed before EC in the year 2004, 2011, and 2014. However, on 18th Oct 2016, the court dismissed the plea to summon Smt. Irani and observed that the petition was filed to needlessly harass her. During the proceedings, it is said that the complainant may not have filed a petition, if Smt. Irani was not a central minister.

During the court proceeding, the complainant was questioned for the delay asking,

So, where the original evidence has already been lost due to passage of number of years, the secondary evidence available will probably be not able to withstand the test of judicial scrutiny, there is great delay of around 11 years in filing of the complaint…

The magistrate further added,

the said delay could not be condoned as complainant is not an aggrieved person, the complaint does not appear to have been filed for vindication of majesty of justice and maintenance of law and order, the complaint appears to have been filed to needlessly harass the proposed accused.

Though the recent order passed by the court gave a big relief to the 40-year-old politician, the social media enthusiasts came up with mixed reactions on the court’s judgment. Hashtags like #SmritiIrani were rolling on Twitter for more than 24 hours. We tried listing a few reactions from Twitteratis below.

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