Confessions from lovers that prove you should never marry your love blindly.

Marrying our love of life is like a dream come true. Even the thought of living with your love for 24*7 makes us blush and delighted. But as we know all that glitters is not gold. Here are the confessions from people who did love marriage and is now realizing it was the biggest mistake of their life.

  • People change after marriage. They start taking you for granted.

He was the man of my dreams, as he did everything for me what a girl can ask for. I was in a relationship with him since my college days, and now we are married for 2 years. After marriage, he never stood or had time for me. We yell at each other all the time. It’s been 3 months since we had a healthy talk. I feel like reversing this marriage and find someone more compatible.

  • Find the right time.

My biggest mistake was marrying the right girl at the wrong time. We got married at the age of 22 after 5 years of love. We both were educated enough to handle responsibilities.We believed, our love is pure and true, so there is no need to wait. But I was wrong, we lost focus from our careers.We are having fights daily as we are unable to afford our living. We blame each other for the failed marriage and for poor finances, the spark in our relationship is ended. We are getting divorced in the next 2 months because we don’t understand each other now.

  • Parents approval is essential if you decide to live with them.

I was madly in love for 5 years and then we had court marriage against his parents’ wish. Later they accepted me,and we live under same roof now. I don’t share a healthy bond with them.My mother in law is making my life hell. She makes sure that I don’t get enough alone time with my husband. She keeps taunting me on daily basis. She disrespects me in front of neighbors and relatives. Whenever we talk about shifting from here, she makes my husband emotional and we stay. I can’t tolerate these tortures anymore.

  • Knowing your partner well is really important.

I married this girl from my office after 2 years of dating. For me, it was love at first site. We used to hang out daily after work and loved everything about her. For the past 3 months,  she was going to washroom each night with her phone. I can hear her talking to someone. I kept ignoring, as I was not ready to accept the truth. One day when I came back from office little early, I saw her on the bed with someone. He was his ex-boyfriend, who came back from the US. I lost my trust from the love that day.

  • Make sure you discuss future plans with your partner.

I am working in an IT firm. Last month, I got promoted and was offered oversea work. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. But my wife is completely against this offer. She is not willing to shift to a new country, even though this offer is very important for my growth. My wife and job both are equally important to me. Seeing her turning down this offer, without any reason, is making me more frustrated. I am losing interest in our relationship. I always wonder now if 5 years relationship was not enough for understanding each other plans. Love comes with a lot of compromises.


It is clear from these confessions, that love marriage is not a cake walk. You need to genuinely understand your partner and then decide if you are ready to live in this relationship for your complete life.

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