Bengaluru Protests Hit Amazon, Flipkart; IT Companies Fear ‘Mammoth Losses’

After the Supreme Courts orders to divert the water from the river Cauvery to its neighbouring state Tamil Nadu suffering from water shortage, violent protests have broken out in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka State. These protests have caused all the schools and shops to remain closed and the IT Hub too is being targeted.


Due to this, many companies of the so-called “Silicon Valley” have asked their workers to work from home and had also put their operations on hold. The world’s leading online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart are highly getting affected by these protests.

“Owing to the situation in Bengaluru currently, the delivery of products is temporarily impacted.  We will resume all deliveries at the earliest,” said Amazon.


Not only this, Neeraj Aggarwal, a senior Flipkart executive said,”As we hope the situation to get better soon, we are trying to mitigate all customer impact by keeping them informed about expected delays.” After all the security and health of their employees is the topmost priority for them.


The protestors have gone crazy and are burning all the vehicles be it buses or scooters with Tamil Nadu registered number plates. Two people have already been killed in the protests. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is highly disappointed by this inhuman behaviour of the protestors.


Karnataka Home Minister G. Parameshwar reported the media,”We have intensified security and stepped up vigil in Bangalore to ensure peace and maintain law and order,”


While Bengaluru is a hub for a number of IT companies like Ola, Infosys, Wipro and many Multinationals like Samsung and Oracle, the businesses in Bengaluru have faced high losses because of the disruption caused due to these useless protests by the people.


Bengaluru is estimated to have suffered losses worth Rs 22,000 to 25,000 crore. We wonder where the country and its people are going, fighting over natural resources, which are not even theirs.


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