Are we making Bhagat Singh proud?

Happy 72nd Independence Day Everyone.

I was watching the movie “Legend of Bhagat Singh” other day and was wondering what if Bhagat Singh was alive today? What will he think about our current society?  The Nation, which he loved more than his life, is crying in pain. He believed that each of us is powerful. With his thinking and support from his team, he was able to kick out Englishmen. We celebrate our freedom, at the cost of his death. But today we are not even able to handle our daily social issues. Are we disrespecting his sacrifice?

Our motherland is asking a little bit of contribution from all of us which can help to redeem her pride. Most of the Indians are always confused about the country. We are not sure whether we love her, hate her or want to go away from her. And all of this frustration is because we see so much negativity around us. Today I have some questions for all of you.

Are we making Shaheed Bhagat Singh proud?
Are we fulfilling our responsibilities as a Citizen of India?
Why are we waiting for the Government to make this country a liveable place?
Why are we playing the blame game with Government?

I know how you all feel about these questions. You will be wondering what we did wrong, moreover, we don’t have any powers in our hands, what can we even do?

But are these excuses enough to run away from our responsibilities?

And if you are seriously interested in making our motherland a better place, let all of us pledge that we will follow our responsibilities and stop this blame game.

  • Follow Traffic rules and traffic lights.

By not following traffic rules we are risking many lives. Everyone needs to understand that the following rules will be profitable for them. Let us make our country safe on roads for everyone.

  •  Always make way for Ambulance and Fire Brigade.

Try to give way to the Ambulance and Fire Brigade. People can lose their lives just because the vehicle got stuck in traffic. Even if a single person tries to make a path, I am sure everyone will join him and make a way.

  • Target for a cleaner India.

Don’t Pollute the environment by throwing junks on roads and seas. Urinating in public should be stopped. Stop spitting on the road as if it is your property.

The improper disposal of the garbage is increasing the pollution and is affecting our health. No doubts!! these days we are witnessing many more diseases around us. Also, a clean world will invite more tourism in India and will increase our country wealth.

  • Stop judging people.

We should stop judging people on the basis of their salaries, caste, location, looks or even clothes. We don’t have any right to judge others.

  • Start helping people.

We don’t even give a damn when we witness accidents in front of us. Most of us, start making the assumptions about the culprit. Some get busy in capturing the video and are not concerned about saving a life. In case of accidents, eve teasing or any other mishappenings, try to do your best. Inform police and call an ambulance as soon as possible.

  • Avoid picking fights with people on the road

Kids learn from their surroundings, and they are watching you when you fight on roads or in public. Let us give them a better environment to learn and grow. We need to take a good care of the next generation for our nation to grow.


In the world where hashtag rules, let all of us create a new hashtag to serve our nation.  Let us make Bhagat Singh proud.

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