Amazing Proposal Ideas to impress your girl

A Girl

     Simple and complicated.

   Emotional and strong.

     Girls love to be pampered.

   Girls love attention.


Every girl has a dream of  “a perfect proposal”.Be it a simple and romantic with a red rose or adventurous and dynamic.

So a guy needs to have a lot of creativity to hear “Yes, I do” from a girl.

However going down on knees with some red roses never goes out of fashion but here are some “hatke”ways to win the heart of your lady love:


  1. The picture perfect proposal:

Collect the photos of your girl from any social media, make collage with your photos, tell her your feelings and let your girl get surprised!!



  1. The dramatic proposal:

Propose your lady love in a full dramatic way. Set some chits and give directions like a Treasure Hunt.  Put some love notes and let her feel on top of the world. 




  1. Candle lit dinner: 

Ahh.. Highly romantic, dim lights and aroma of candles. Cook for your lady to make her feel special. 





  1. The Radio proposal:

If you know your lady listens to radio, shoutout that you really love her on a radio channel and win her heart.





  1. T-shirt proposal:

Get some t-shirts printed of what you want to ask your girl like  “Will you marry me” and make some children wear them and go now, surprise your love.





  1. The Theatre Proposal:

Make a small clip in which you are proposing your girl, now take permission and play it in the theatre during interval.(That’s really daring though!)

You are definitely gonna hear a YES…





  1. Where you met for the first time:

“The not to be forgotten place” , this is the best place for a proposal. Go ahead and say it all. 





  1. The Disco Proposal:

What are you waiting for? Take your love for a disc party and be the DJ and tell her what you feel for her with her favourite songs and you are ready to roll..





Remember guys, A proposal isn’t something to be taken lightly, so give it your best. All the Best!!!


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  1. 2. sounds cool. But are girls smart to understand the clues? What if they interpret and follow some Other path (eg. Forest) instead of hotel room.

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