9 things to know before you travel alone

Thinking of traveling solo? It is a great idea, but you cannot ignore that there are some inherent risks. To make the trip tension free, ensure that you follow certain rules. Whether you are going off biking in Ladakh or snorkeling in Haridwar, you will need to unwind and be free of worries.

So follow these steps to have a happier and more fulfilling solo trip:

1. Make your parents, your friends and your partner know where you’re going to stay. Hand them your itinerary (or just force them to have it!)



2. Use social media platforms to “check in” and let people know about your #awesomejourney


3. Make copies of your voter ID card, passport, etc, and then relax and enjoy your trip


4. Be a detective when looking for the right hotel to stay in – stay aware of bad  neighborhoods and mischievous places that look shabby.

5. Learn a few words in the local language, it will come handy when you spot a local hottie


6. Locate the table that is open to all and sit there waiting for the perfect stranger to befriend.


7. Show off the Hotel’s business card like a pro, they’ll never guess you can’t speak the name correctly.

8. Get straight to your hotel before it gets dark – safety comes first!


9. Don’t answer any calls from bae. Just enjoy the solo time and rewind.


10. Be super selfish – do whatever you want to do, you won’t get such an opportunity again!



So go out there and grab the world with both hands. Bon Voyage!

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