9 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best friend

Mother knows best. When we are children we tend to believe that our moms know best, but when we grow up, we once again start to doubt them. Then again comes a phase in our life when we start to believe that ‘mother knows best’. This is when we slowly start becoming her best friend. If your mom is your best friend, you will definitely relate to these:


1. She is the first person you want to talk to when you are really upset. “I wanna go back to mom” is what you tell your friends often




2. “What should I do mom?” is usually followed by a series of advices that make sense to you.


3. Your mother is the only person who actually really listens to you; you don’t realize it until you have stopped speaking!


4. Just like a great friend, you know your mother will be there for you whenever you need her – she’s the person you can completely count on at any stage

giphy (2)


5. She doesn’t judge you when you tell her something weird, she knows that she raised you well and laughs it off like a buddy.

giphy (5)


6. She has tolerated all your mood swings and tantrums and still likes you

giphy (3)


7. When you tell her to keep things from dad, she understands and never spills them.


8. She has literally seen you in your underpants and still thinks you look awesome.

giphy (6)


9. You can always ask her how do I look mom? And get a self esteem boost, because she will always reply “awesome!”

giphy (7)


You’re really lucky to have a mom so cool. Share this with your friends to make them jealous!


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