7 traits that show you are bad at expressing yourself

People have different natures. Some are like an open book while others find it tough to show them self inside out. For the latter personality, it becomes really awkward at times to express the real they and the situation get worse. Here are a few such things that you might be able to relate to if you do not know how to throw up on others:

  • I am ok though you are not:

This is the very common trait of people who are bad at expressing.  You might not show the world what is going inside.




  • The blasts:

When you suppress your feelings for long it is very much possible that a small thing may make you blast like a nuclear bomb. Isn’t it bad?




  • Running away:

It is the simplest way when things don’t move accordingly. You might quit the conversation and swipe off the scene.




  • The frustration:


Not expressing yourself may lead you to frustration. So it is always better to speak than doing self-harm.

Speak Up !!!!!!!!!!!! Say !!!!!



  • Why don’t they know?

You may feel this for everybody. Please note they are normal people without psychic powers. You need to say it loud.




  • I am the victim :

Have you played this card? Becoming a victim at the moment when you are asked about anything is the best escape plan. But here all you do is cheating other people.




  • Avoid People :

You might just avoid interacting with people and become a loner to stay away from the express emotion cycle. Listen, you can’t run away forever.




If these are the exact details of how you behave than do not worry there are many others in your category. But it is advised to connect because it is never too bad to talk and share.


So speak up!!  

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