7 Reasons the Best Employees Quit, Even When They Like Their Job

Employees are the most important resource for any company. Your organisation success hinges on your employee’s satisfaction so as to retain them. You just cannot afford to lose a great employee, as it demands to understand their needs. So in order to understand them here are 7 top reasons as to why they leave.

1.No career progression



Everyone wants to reach the zenith in their career. Doing the same things every day makes it monotonous for them. They start seeking for the greener pastures in the other organisations. They need appropriate training and development sessions so that they keep on building new skills and feel active.

2.Lack of Trust



Your employees judge you by your actions. They will trust you completely if you are ethical and works for the well-being of others. In case you are unethical towards your customers, lies to your shareholders then your precious employee may leave you.




Most of the times, it is seen that the best and the most trusted employees are often loaded up with work. On one side you have profit but on the other hand, there may be a significant hidden loss, as his performance might go down or may result in leaving the job.

4.Vague visions



Having visions, mission is great but implementing them into action is necessary. Visions should neither be too high or too low. Committed employees always want to move ahead, in case they find these visions to be just a word written on papers, they may soon quit the job.

5.No recognition and rewards



Recognition is the best motivation. If a person is working well, he surely at some point of time needs motivation. In case if you do not want to spend money on this, a word of appreciation or a pat on the back in front of all other employees will work very well.

6.No participation of employees



Employees must have a feeling of belongingness to the organisation. In case an employee is only given the orders and no participation, he may feel discouraged and can soon leave.

7.Disrespected staff



If you consider them as just a dead-wood, you are surely going to lose your great employee. Staff are humans and they need dignity. They must be given respect and a healthy environment to retain them.

Following these tips will work like a charm. If you are facing such problems, then give it a shot.

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