10 Things You Can Relate When You Are Afraid Of Dark

Fear of the dark is usually not fear of darkness itself, but fear of possible or imagined dangers concealed by darkness. Some degree of fear of the dark is natural, especially as a phase of child development. Fear of the dark is just because of color it provides to our eyes. When in dark color our mind starts seeing on his own. Hence, a person starts imagining various things around and assumes different things which lead to the emergence of fear.

10 such things are:

1.Fearing Crime In Darkness

Fearing Crime In Darkness


Mind relates various criminal activities like somebody trying to kill us, that can happen around us, especially when things are not visible to us.

2.Hearing Different Sounds

Hearing Different Sounds


All sounds that are occurring, even at distant, is related to negative and fear of unknown curtails.

3.Relating Shadows

Relating Shadows


In a fully dark room even a slight light can provide shadows, the mind starts relating them unmindfully without going deep in logic.

4.Imagining Someone Around

Imagining Someone Around


Since you cannot see so, you start assuming someone near you and that is very obvious in dark.

5.Relating Darkness With Paranormal Activities

Relating Darkness With Paranormal Activities


As seen in horror movies or read in horror thriller books that paranormal activities happen in dark rooms. So mind starts developing in that direction in darkness too.

6.Relating To Enclosed Environment

Relating To Enclosed Environment


The full dark room can lead to a feeling of being trapped in enclosed room. Since we cannot see walls, space or anything so, being trapped feeling is there.

7.Feeling Helpless

Feeling Helpless


Fear of dark and fear of not being able to do anything makes us feel helpless.

8.Relating Dark Room With Insects And Rodents

Relating Dark Room With Insects And Rodents


Smallest touch of anything can be related to flying roaches, mosquitoes or rats around, so fear arises.

9.Vulnerability Of Hurting Ourselves Increases



Darkroom infuses fear of being hurt by tripping over or getting hit by something since black color to eyes doesn’t help us to keep you safe.

10.Relating Dark Room To Blindness



Feeling own self as blind is like being handicapped. Till we don’t find the white light again, the mind is not relieved.

While we start relating many things in the dark room altogether, just increasing our fear. So the solution to this is controlling the mind in such a situation and keeping calm. Try to be more logical and divert your mind.


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